12 inch touchscreen (4:3)

  1. 4:3 aspect ratio
  2. Input: HDMI, VGA, BNC and RCA
  3. Desktop and wall mountable

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This 12 inch touchscreen monitor is protected by a robust casing and features an LED panel with 4:3 aspect ratio. It can be operated by hand, even while wearing a glove. The touchscreen has HDMI, VGA, BNC and RCA connections, and is suitable for both desktop and wall mounting.

4:3 aspect ratio

The 12 inch touchscreen monitor features an energy-efficient 4:3 LED panel that provides vivid colour images and is suitable for continuous 24/7 use. Contrast, colour and brightness are easily adjusted.

12 inch touchscreen monitor

Compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux

The monitor supports Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems and allows for easy connection of your devices via HDMI, VGA or RCA. To control your connected device via touchscreen, the monitor can be connected to your device via USB and the mouse functionality taken over. The screen can be controlled by direct touch, even if you’re wearing gloves.

12 inch touchscreen hdmi vga usb

Robust casing

The 12 inch touchscreen features a robust black casing with connections located halfway down the rear of the monitor, allowing easy installation in any situation. The monitor is light and compact and weighs less than 1kg.

touchscreen 12 inch vga

Desktop and wall mountable

The Beetronics 12TS is supplied with a sturdy stand that can also be easily removed to enable use of the 75mm VESA mount, for attaching the touchscreen to a universal wall bracket.

12" touchscreen hdmi usb vga
3.5mm jack(output)
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