With over 15 years of service, we’ve worked on thousands of projects for customers around the globe, delivering custom monitor designs and engineering. Our custom display solutions can be found across many applications and industries, including manufacturing, maritime shipping, broadcasting, healthcare and more.

Our broad base of experiences putting forth top-quality displays across industries has given us a particular view of the display market and an understanding of the requirements unique to each sector.

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Customize all aspects of a monitor or touchscreen

Products tailored to your vision

We can customize all aspects of a monitor or touchscreen for it to meet the needs of your display project. Take a look at some of the features we can customise below:

  • Compliance with specific industry standards
  • Logo integration
  • Custom housing
  • Custom colors & detailing
  • Custom dimensions
  • External dimmer inputs
  • Custom PCB board

Rapid development from design to production

Phases of our customisation process

Initial contact & project viability
Get in touch and discuss your concept with our experts. With over 15 years of experience in the display industry, our specialists will leverage their technical know-how and experience to determine the technical and commercial viability of your project.
Final quote & timeline
Once our specialists have helped you reach a design that meets your requirements they will issue a final quote and timeline for the delivery of the project. 
Prototyping and testing
All prototyping and testing is done by our specialists in house, allowing for rapid iteration and immediate progress conforming to any industry standards or certifications you may require. All our displays are manufactured using high quality components.
Start production
Once production begins our factory is able to deliver your order within 6 to 12 weeks depending on volumes. Each unit is tested and checked for quality prior to shipment.
Worldwide shipping
We can deliver to any location, with options for ground, sea, and air freight.
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 Professional display solutions
Professional display solutions

Our monitors and touchscreens are designed for professional use and continuous operation.

Designed for professional use
Fast delivery and sustained availability
Fast delivery and sustained availability

We ensure our monitors are available for immediate shipment and we guarantee sustained availability.

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