Point of sale (POS)

Touchscreens for POS and self-service kiosks

A POS system usually consists of a computer with POS software, a receipt printer, a barcode scanner, and a touchscreen monitor. Our POS touchscreen monitors are used by thousands of companies worldwide and can be found in retail, hospitality, catering, supermarkets, theaters and cinemas. Designed for continuous use in any environment, the displays combine smart features with versatile mounting options and industry-leading reliability.

Point of sale (POS) Touchscreens for POS and self-service kiosks

Versatile mounting options

Thanks to our POS displays' various mounting options, they can easily be integrated into a counter or a self-service kiosk. Our metal framed monitors have an easily detachable housing, included side mounting rails, a u-bracket mount and the VESA mounting system. The displays are energy-efficient and can be enclosed without cooling or ventilation. The screens are inaudible, even during long and intensive use.

Our sturdy plastic framed monitors come with an ergonomic, fully adjustable stand, which can also be removed to utilize the VESA mounting system as well. This allows the monitor to be attached to a universal wall bracket, both in landscape and portrait mode.

Point of sale (POS) Touchscreens for POS and self-service kiosks

Superior image quality

Due to the diverse environments and ambient lighting our customers experience, the color of the screen can vary greatly. Therefore we added granular controls over contrast, color and brightness. This way the image never looks faded, off tone, too bright or too dark - but perfectly balanced in any environment.

All our displays are equipped with a high end IPS panel. The panel provides a razor-sharp, pixel perfect image with a very wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. The matte screen ensures that reflections are kept to a minimum, and a bright environment with a lot of sunlight does not affect readability.

Point of sale (POS) Touchscreens for POS and self-service kiosks

Designed for professional use

Our displays can be used in demanding environments such as production sites, unmanned public locations (kiosks) and outdoors in the elements. The displays must be robust enough to work year round under harsh conditions and maintain a reliable touch experience. Each screen is produced with high-quality industrial components that guarantee long-term and stable operation. The capacitive multi-touch screen can handle 10 touch points simultaneously, ensuring a highly accurate user experience. The front panel of the touchscreens is waterproof and dustproof (IP65).

Each display can be set to turn on automatically when there is power or a video signal. This prevents users from having to operate the monitor manually; the monitors turn on only when necessary and are always ready for immediate use.

Point of sale (POS) Touchscreens for POS and self-service kiosks
from 7 to 27 inches
Engineered for professional use and seamless integration
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from 7 to 27 inches
Engineered for Reliable and Accurate Operation
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