Touchscreen support

PCAP multi-touch panel

PCAP stands for Projected Capacitive Touchscreen. In capacitive touchscreens, the glass surface is coated with a transparent and conductive layer on which a constant, extremely low and undetectable voltage is applied. Contact with a finger causes current to distort at the point of contact, and this distortion is measurable. The measurements from the 4 corners of the capacitive touch panel are calculated via the electronics and translated to a location on the screen.

The technique provides great flexibility, speed and applicability, as well as multi-touch functionality. A capacitive touchscreen can be fully embedded in a display, making it resistant to dust, moisture, grease or other contaminants allowing us to have an IP65 rating on our touchscreens. This makes our touchscreens ideal for demanding applications such as shop displays, outdoor use, POS and industrial environments.

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